About Us


To offer the best quality product at the lowest possible price.

Two words, “quality service” defines Euroship.

Euroship’s aim to meet any requirements for our client base and service excellence has become our trademark and the cornerstone of our success. The dedication, talent, and loyalty of our employees and management are our most remarkable features and our greatest resource. We hope you will put these to the test.

Euroship uses only the finest produce of the highest quality sourced from all over the world of the highest export quality. We guarantee the longest possible shelf life for our customers.

We also buy many specialist items from our associated international suppliers. Feel free to ask for specific requirements your Captain or food and beverage manager may be looking for.

Euroship Supplies defines integrity, consistency and service

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About Gibmaroc

Gibmaroc Limited was incorporated on the 1st day of March 1967 with Company No.849 and with registered office situate at 3 Bell Lane,
Gibraltar. The Company has been trading in Gibraltar since this time and has been Gibraltar’s leading wholesaler in its field throughout this period. In August 2005 the “Group” (comprising Gibmaroc Limited, Euroship Supplies Limited, Atlantic Trade Company Limited) relocated from its premises
at Chatham Counterguard to a purpose-built industrial park at North Mole within the Port of Gibraltar and in which the Group occupies over 50% of the available space. An investment of over £1,000,000 has been made by the Group in improving and fitting our premises facilitating our distribution network throughout Gibraltar.

Meet the Team

The executive Directors/Management are George P Desoisa, George R Desoisa, Mrs Natalia Desoisa and Miss Lyana Mclaren. The Management Team work together within the same suite of offices and are in daily contact in respect of each and every aspect of the business providing a helicopter view of the operational aspects of the business and enabling us to have a hands-on knowledge of customer needs and requirements. The Management Team work together with Natalia Desoisa, who is the Head of administration. Each has individual responsibilities and supports each other on the daily operation of the business. The Management Team work closely with the managers who work closely with the Sales, Administration and Operations teams. Each of these teams has its own line of management and responsibility ultimately resting with the Directors.